Comparing Sweeney, Dems’ Agenda; to Garrett and Republicans’ Agenda

scott-garrettIn stunning contrast, the ideological difference between the socialism of liberal Democrats; and the conservative, freedom loving Republicans of New Jersey, has played out in both Trenton and Washington over the past week.

Let’s start in Trenton.  The Senate, under Senate President Sweeney passed their single most important piece of legislation - same sex marriage.  Everything else was put on hold: legislation to help citizens with our highest in the nation tax burden; legislation to create jobs and encourage business growth; legislation to allow communities to consolidate and share services; and legislation dealing with teacher tenure reform. In other words, issues the Democrats campaigned on and would help New Jersey citizens start to climb out of the economic debacle we find ourselves mired in - almost 10% unemployment, tens of thousands more underemployed, and record foreclosures, continue to wait to be addressed.

To add insult to injury, and again being tone deaf to the problems our state is facing, New Jersey Democrats want to bring a whole new kind of socialized housing to New Jersey.  They won’t work to fix the economic disaster permeating throughout our 8,722 square miles, yet have now hatched a plan to create even more dependency on the backs of your pain and suffering.

Their latest scheme to bring more socialism to New Jersey is in Senate bill S1566.  The “New Jersey Residential Foreclosure Transformation Act“  Once your home has been foreclosed on (because you can’t find work since the legislature won’t address our economy) your municipality can come in, and using a new bond issuing state agency, the newly created New Jersey Foreclosure Relief Corporation; buy your house and turn it into “affordable housing” and get a 2 for 1 “affordable housing” credit for themselves.

In a nutshell, New Jersey Democrats won’t do anything to help you stay in and keep your house, but they will make it very easy, using your tax dollars backing the issuance of bonds, for someone else to own and live in your home.  So while you are losing your home, they scheme to not only use your misfortune for their benefit - they want your tax dollars to underwrite this transfer of wealth in this socialist scheme; but they did pass same sex marriage in the Senate, no doubt saving thousands of families from foreclosure.   Just think about the lunacy of that for a moment.

Let’s contrast that socialist mindset with what happened earlier today in Washington.  The House Budget Committee, chaired by Paul Ryan (R-WI) held a hearing on President Obama’s budget campaign document.  They were questioning Acting Budget Director Jeffrey Zeits.  Zeits wasn’t having a good day, and it didn’t get any better when New Jersey’s own Scott Garrett had his turn at the microphone.  Congressman Garrett repeatedly pressed Zeits on two important issues - 1) Is the “penalty” imposed on those that do not purchase healthcare under obamacare a “Tax” or not?  and 2) In what year does your budget become balanced?

Despite these being very straightforward and seemingly easy questions, Zeits, was clearly unprepared for them, and at the end of the day was unable to answer either of them adequately.  When he did answer that the “penalty” is not a tax, Congressman Garrett then asked the question of the day - “The administration is arguing in front of the Supreme Court that it is a tax, but you are telling us it isn’t?”

That exchange could prove pivotal next month when, on March 27, the Supreme Court hears the obamacare lawsuit.  The administration is arguing under oath, in front of the Supremes that the “penalty” is legal because it is a tax and they have the authority to tax us.  Yet they, under oath, tell congress that it is not a tax.

We see Congressman Garrett fighting for freedom and liberty for New Jersey citizens, and we see Sweeney and the Democrats fighting for same sex marriage and to use your tax dollars to subsidize the next owner of your foreclosed home.

Where is the outrage?

Here is the 5 1/2 minute clip of Congressman Garrett earlier today at the House Budget Committee hearing with Jeffrey Zeits.

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  1. Rose Wakemen says:

    Scott Garrett he’s our man….great job, blew up the whole case!

  2. John Poirier says:

    Just imagine every “for sale” sign in your neighborhood being converted over-night into Section 8 housing. Imagine the sort of people who will be moving in next door to you. Imagine what that will do to the (already declining) value of your own house.

    If the goal is to turn every residential suburban neighborhood in NJ into a slum, I can’t imagine a better designed bill.

  3. JohnSeel says:

    Congressman Garrett is my representative. I voted him once, in 2008 mostly because Ron Paul endorsed him.
    He is excellent on fiscal issues like these.
    But he is TERRIBLE on civil liberties, defense, and foreign policy.
    He has supported the Patriot Act and other reprehensible invasions of our liberty.

    I would not say he is “fighting for freedom and liberty of NJ citizens”.

  4. Membrane Martin says:

    Steel, do you not know how unqualified and naive your comments are.? There is one reason why Paul bots are going no where and are branded as the cooks dejure . Between legalizing all drugs and blaming America for 911 shows how crazy you are. Hope you turn up at Whitney Houston’s funeral tomorrow and thank Bobby Brown for getting get hooked.At the same time go help Amadinejad install those fuel rods.The Garrett campaign hopes you are still there when we take them out .

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