Christie still trying to explain His pre-election goof up


Governor Chris Christie was interviewed this week by Steve Adubato Jr. - the son of one of the two Democrat Party bosses who together with Christie run the state. I’ve been told that it was through Christie’s efforts that NJN, the state’s public broadcast station, was turned over to the younger Adubato.

Adubato owns Caucus Educational Corp which is working with NJPAC on an interview series to be broadcast on NJTV and WNET. The Christie interview will air January 9, 2013, on NJTV and January 17, 2013, on WNET. As reported in the Star-Ledger, Christie is still trying to explain why he did what he did to give us four more years of the anointed one.

“(Obama) executed very well in the storm and I said what I believed at that moment.”

Ah, wait a minute Gov, Obama never got the chance to execute before you were all over him with hugs and kisses. Next time play hard to get or at least count to ten and stop to think of what you are about to do and what could happen because of it. Good thing you are not a chick because chicks like you get pregnant.

“Mitt Romney knew that I was doing what had to be done.”

He knew that you had to screw him and cost him the election? He told you to go ahead, that a year of his life and $800 million in campaign funds was nothing to worry about?

“Then the media and political operatives got involved and it turned into a story.”

Ever think that big Republican Chris Christie throwing the election to Democrat Barack Obama was news?

“It’s just stupid for anyone to be upset with my reaction, even if it was a week before the election.”

We all know that you don’t do humility Gov, but maybe it was a stupid thing for you to do in the first place, especially a week before the election?

Come on Governor, are you really telling us that the only thing you could have done when you met President Obama was to taking off your clothes and get naked with him? Because figuratively speaking, that’s what you did.

“We lost two national elections in a row. We’re not connecting with Americans on the issues that matter most to them. We haven’t had the best candidates. I believe that Mitt Romney is a good man. I was out supporting him before anyone else, but he simply didn’t connect with Americans.”

Gov, did you forget the national election of 2010? We kicked butt. We lost a presidential election because people like you didn’t listen to conservatives when they told you that Romney didn’t connect with average Americans. Don’t blame me, I voted for Ron Paul.

“I wasn’t ready to run for President this time. If it comes, I know that I will be more ready for it than I would have been this year.”

You gotta love it! The Gov wasn’t ready before but now he’s ready since he has the love of the anointed one and some old rocker named Springsteen. Is anything more creepy than old men putting the moves on each other?

We don’t want to know about your old fashioned taste in music. We didn’t need to know it about Ron Paul. We need to know your policies. Stop the emotion and start using your head.


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  1. truther says:

    From the mouths of babes…

  2. Bbibbett says:

    Rejected as Freeholder

  3. truther says:

    The 3 families have made their deal:

    Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D) on Thursday said he will explore running for the Senate in 2014.

    Booker announced in a YouTube video that he would not run for governor of New Jersey, and would instead serve out the remainder of his term as mayor.

    “Let there be no doubt I will complete my full second term as mayor of Newark, New Jersey. And as for my political future, I will explore the possibility of running for the United States Senate in 2014,” Booker said in the video.

    Booker had been mulling whether to run for the Senate seat currently held by Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) or instead challenge New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R).

    Lautenberg, 88, has not said whether he plans to run for reelection in 2014, though he already has the endorsement of Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), a power-broker in the party.

    Norcross, Adubato and Christie run NJ like mob bosses.

  4. Donny Dee says:

    What utter nonsense. Steve Adubato Jr. is one of the finest, professional journalists in our state, and we are fortunate to have him contributing to our political dialogue over at NJTV. Besides, Chris Christie deserves credit for the success that NJTV now enjoys, and saving taxpayers millions of dollars every year in subsidising public TV.

    It’s laughable that anyone would criticize Chris Christie for doing the best job he can to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and to suggest that Mitt Romney lost the election because Chris Christie said some nice things about Obama in the middle of the recovery effort is totally ludicrous to say the least, and doesn’t speak well for the Republican Party and the conservative policies it represents.

    Anyway, none of this matters and is just a bunch of sore losers blaming Chris Christie for their own inadequacies. Right now Chris Christie is the most popular Republican politician in the country today, and if he ran for president he would win in a landslide over any Democratic opponent. When Chris Christie takes the presidential oath of office on January 20, 2017 you’ll all be singing his praises.

  5. julie says:

    When will this serial abuser of women shut up?

    Steve Adubato is a laughing stock among professional journalists who know that this former Democrat Assemblyman has what he has because he is the son of daddy. Watch his show and see for yourself if he is a “journalist”.

    The story of how Herr Christie destroyed NJN because it refused to give up its independence will make great reading during the 2016 campaign.

    Was sleeping with Obama necessary? Most Republicans don’t think so. The polls are the polls and history (as in HISTORY) will report that what Christie did in the aftermath of Sandy had an enormous affect on the outcome of the election. Both campaigns (Romney and Obama) operatives have agreed on that. It will go down in history no matter what a serial abuser of women like you says.

    Dream on Donny. November 2013 is a long time from now. November 2016 is even longer.

    Do you have a little buddha of Christie at home and do you rub his stomach every day?

  6. julia says:

    Why do you bother with him? The scumbag is so low that he even molested the teenaged niece of another Senator. Couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

    So many in the GOP leadership now helped cover up the exploitation of women when they were in power. Pigs.

  7. julia says:

    Bet metro Steve will never do a show on that.

  8. truther says:

    Egypt’s new Sharia-based constitution has been approved in a second round of voting, the ruling Muslim Brotherhood party said. The country’s opposition leveled accusations of fraud, saying it will appeal the referendum results.

    The new charter was approved by 64 percent of Egyptian voters in a “resounding victory,” state news agency al-Ahram reported on Sunday. The preliminary tallies were calculated from reports by polling station officials. Egypt’s election committee will confirm the final results on Monday.

    Egypt’s main opposition party the National Salvation Front (NSF) announced Sunday it will appeal the results of the referendum. NSF members alleged there were multiple instances of “fraud and violations” during the voting process.

    Great job Obama-Clinton. Now Egypt is as radical as Iran. Brilliant!

    Thanks to Obama’s Christie-Sandy reelection team we have another four more years of this.