Christie is a moving target on guns


On Thursday afternoon some conservative activists who had met with Governor Chris Christie only a couple hours earlier were shocked to hear him attack the NRA for their ad pointing out that President Obama is a hypocrite for refusing to provide the same protection for school children that is provided to his own children.

A couple hours before calling the NRA “reprehensible” at a Trenton press conference, Christie had met with about 100 conservative activists organized by Americans for Prosperity. The meeting took place at the State House. When asked by the activists if he supported the 2nd Amendment and gun rights, Christie warmly replied in the affirmative and even promised to come to a pro-2nd Amendment rally on February 8, if his schedule permits it.

Frank Fiamingo, President of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, expressed surprise when informed of the Governor’s very different responses to reporters at his press conference than he was hearing for himself just a couple of hours earlier.

As the press conference continued, Christie refused to answer questions about his position on a federal assault weapons ban or on President Obama’s proposed ban on magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds.

The Governor’s statements and difference in tone at the press conference was confusing and left some conservatives wondering if the meeting a couple hours earlier had been for real. It looks like Christie hasn’t made up his mind on this issue. Expect Democrats like Senators Barbara Buono, a candidate for Governor, and Dick Codey, a possible gubernatorial candidate, to keep pressing him on it.

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  1. Donny Dee says:

    Chris Christie is running for Governor of New Jersey, not NRA President. Guns are not an important issue in this campaign. What is important is re-electing Chris Christie with a big enough margin of victory so that next year solid, mainstream conservatives like Jon Bramnick and Tom Kean become Speaker of the Assembly and President of the Senate.

    The way to achieve that goal is for Chris Christie to focus on doing everything he can to help New Jersey recover from Hurricane Sandy, keep a lid on property taxes, and stay away from side issues like guns, gays and abortion. If he does that conservatives will be celebrating this time next year with a Republican Governor and a Republican Legislature.

  2. truther says:

    Donny should just wear a tee shirt with the words “Christie butt boy” on it.

  3. Glock47 says:

    There is no better indicator of if a politician is for freedom and reducing the size of government than their position on gun rights. Unfortunately Gov Christie has a long record of being against gun rights. Remember his first attorney general was a Democrat with a history of being anti gun. There is a chance he will change since he wants to run for President. We will see if he vetoes anything if the Democrats in the legislature pass their truly horrible restrictions on guns. They even want to classify air soft toy guns as firearms. They want to force you to allow the police to inspect your house to see how you store your guns. Bramnick consistently rates an “F” on gun rights. By any measure he is a liberal RINO in the mold of Christie Whitman. Kean is a sort of timid moderate.