Centenary College Screws Conservatives - Gathering Moved!

centenary-collegeEarlier this evening, Centenary college unceremoniously decided that conservatives were not welcome on their campus.  This despite a signed contract that was discussed and negotiated since November 20, 2012.

In conversations, they cited reservations regarding discussion of the 2nd Amendment.  Presumably, since the discussion would come from a conservative, constitutional point of view that was unacceptable to them.  Without much more of an expanation, at 5:57PM this evening they unilaterally cancelled our contract.  There will be more coming on the disgraceful decision they chose to make tonight.

After much scrambling, another venue has been secured for the event.  It is just a couple of minutes from the original location.  The Hackettstown Community Center located at 293 Main Street (Route 46) in Hackettstown is the new location for the event.

I look forward to seeing you there tomorrow.

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  1. Christy says:

    I think the media should be informed of their bigotry.

  2. Penni says:

    I think Fox News should be notified and an interview with the college President is a must! What is their reasoning for renaging?

  3. Donny Dee says:

    Who cares? Fox News doesn’t want to hear from a few disgruntled malcontents. They want to hear from Chris Christie because his widespread popularity makes him good for ratings.

    The priority for Conservatives is re-electing Chris Christie by a big enough margin to ensure that Republicans control the legislature. The issues will be recovery from Hurricane Sandy, balancing the budget, cutting income taxes and keeping a lid on property taxes. Everything else is secondary.

  4. Donny Dick says:

    Didn’t you watch O’Reilly and Dobbs last night mocking Christie?

    Didn’t you get the Newsmax feed about Christie the brown noser with it stuck up Obama’s tail?

    What a joke.

  5. Donny Dee says:

    O’Reilly and Dobbs are has beens. My local Patch has a bigger circulation than Newsmax. The polls have Chris Christie as the most popular Republican in the country. That’s what matters.

  6. Donny Dick says:

    No, Donny slurp slurp, Christie is a has been with that all important voter base who control Republican primaries, namely, conservatives. Say good bye to the White House and get your Master a change of registration form.

  7. truther says:

    It shows you what he knows:

    Nielsen Online said Newsmax was the most trafficked conservative website with approximately 4 million unique visitors monthly. A 2010 study released by Nielsen reported that Newsmax.com was the number one site for conservatives in the U.S., making it one of the most influential conservative news sites in the nation. Alexa Internet statistics for Newsmax.com indicate that the readership consists mainly of internet users over the age of 45, which aligns itself to the average age of Republican leaning voters, as gathered by The Pew Research Center.

    A profile on Newsmax in The New York Times described the company as a “potent force” in U.S. politics and noted the company’s headquarters had become a must stop for Republican candidates seeking the party’s 2012 nomination.

    Donny Dee doesn’t do much reading because it is dark up that cavity and he doesn’t get out much.

  8. Tea party jane says:

    Dont worry about Donny Dee from Fairlawn he is in his underwear in his basement posting on Fairlawn patch jerking off while looking at a photo of Kathy Donovan

  9. Donny Dee says:

    I prefer Diane Allen.

  10. Mark D Quick says:

    Who cares? Fox News doesn’t want to hear from a few disgruntled malcontents.
    When IDIOTS like this Dumb Dockless babbling traitor of the US Constitution and AGENDA21 progressive (socialist) stop the fight or are allowed to change the subject we true patriots are cut another cut to slowly allow these Benedict Arnold’s to bleed our country to death. My family stood on the line to preserve a dream of what become this great nation. These people are so willing to sellout.
    We must except:
    The United Nations and pay for it
    NAFTA CAFTA and other Free Trade ( give our country away and make us pay for it)
    Theft of SS for foreign interests like the other Christie did with pension funds here in NJ….
    Giving away our state to the Chinese and his family profitting off it.
    The Illegal acts of the P.A. with Christie’s blessing…
    The approved Education funding debt ( nothing more than politicial slush money to get Christie Re Elected )
    Back stabbing other Republican’s for his own gain.
    More gun restrictions…
    Climate Change Agenda
    The HERO of MSNBC

    What else would you like to over look? Just part of the short list..

  11. Donny Dee says:

    Like I said, who cares about the grumbling of a few malcontents? More than 90% of NJ Republicans approve of the job Chris Christie is doing and want him re-elected. The UN, Agenda 21, Plan 9 and all that other stuff is irrelevant to Chris Christie’s re-election and the GOP takeover of the Legislature.

  12. Mark D Quick says:

    Well this malcontent cares…. My children matter and idoits like you show why the republican party lost the last 2 presidental races. Putting up closet SOCIALIST’s and trying to convince people of being more mainstream is not working…..

    People need jobs, and more jobs and more jobs and regardless of the tax rate without jobs you can cut everything and we will still be screwed…… CHRISTIE HAS FAILED ON THE JOBS FRONT

  13. Paul A Duggan says:

    Mark, sorry to inform you , however most NJ voters dont care about unemployment or job creation. They vote on pure emotions and the emotion “fad and fashion of the year” is Sandy.

    Christie’s campaign manager is Sandy Shore and she is going to ride this wave through summer and after Labor day until the election . The only achilles heel that Christie has is his propensity to insult the base of his party. However bets are no matter what he does the Republicans will hold their collective noses and pull the lever for him. My suggestion is to concentrate and vet all the Senate and Assembly candidates and challengers who wish to ride his coat tails.

  14. truther says:

    I prefer Diane Allen.

    What chubby chaser really wants is some Crispy Christie.

    Donny Dee’s dream is to play the cross dresser in Plan 9. Whoopsie slipped up on that one!