CBS News in NY Solicits CNJ for Conservative Comments

cbs-logoEarlier this week, CBS News in New York contacted CNJ for an on camera interview to get comments on the Boy Scouts of America re-thinking of their position on allowing openly gay scouts and scoutmasters/leaders.

Despite airing a report that lasted just about 2:00 minutes, there were only a few seconds given to opposition of their plan.  Most of the questions asked and answers given were left on the cutting room floor.

While setting up the interview, the following quote was e-mailed to CBS, and repeated during the interview, but never used in the story that aired.

“The decision is a reaction to the power of a politically correct establishment position that has bullied and worn down non-conformist opinion over a period of years. It does nothing to enhance the Boy Scouts mission and everything to further an alternative lifestyle agenda and continue to erode conservative principles and beliefs.”

As conservatives, it is disheartening when American traditions and values succumb to politically correct thought dictated to us by the “tolerant” left in our society.  When we are no longer able to freely associate with those we wish to associate with, but rather subjected to the diktat of an “elite” politically correct class, we cease to be Americans.

You can read the CBS News NY story and watch the video by clicking here.

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