Are Dems trying to take over the Sussex GOP?


Are Democrats trying to weaken the state’s strongest Republican county in preparation for the November campaign against Governor Chris Christie?  Two things have caught our attention:

First, a public employees union that has endorsed liberal Democrat Barbara Buono against Republican Governor Chris Christie appears to have found a candidate to take on conservative Republican Gary Chiusano in the Surrogate’s race in the June primary.

Second, a long time Hudson County Democrat operative is pushing the candidacy of Bader Qarmout against conservative Republican Parker Space.  Space, Sussex County’s Freeholder Director, is running for Assembly.

Qarmout picked-up just 6% of the vote in last year’s Republican primary against Governor Christie-backed Joe Kyrillos, a Monmouth County State Senator.

During that campaign, CNJ was very critical of Qarmout’s plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Qarmout, who told CNJ that he held state contracts under Democrat administrations, also needs to explain why he voted in Democrat Party presidential primaries in the past.  Until then, it will be difficult to take his claims to be a conservative Republican seriously.

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  1. Mark D Quick says:

    So as not to get lumped into any of the being against anybody garbage here are some facts:

    I am also planning on challenging for the seat. I feel strongly on the following issues:

    1) Equal Education Funding
    2) Protecting our 2nd Amendment
    3) Stopping the Highlands and Agenda21 programs
    4) taking care of the needs of our veterans who give us all our freedoms.

    and there is no personal dislike of Alison McHose or Parker Space on my part. I have been beat up for not running in Republican Primary in the past. I figure this year have a good time and let the voters pick. Bader sends the wrong message on Illegal Aliens, on the other hand me being elected would send completely the message I feel is needed now….. DEPORT THEM NOT GIVE THEM AMNESTY……
    Most Respectfully, Mark D Quick

  2. Laughable! says:

    That is what you have? Too funny!

  3. SWD says:

    Thug life is turning Sussex into Passaic.

  4. Rob Eichmann says:


    Glad you enjoy seeing this exposed. Don’t worry there are pages and pages of material that can be provided and published if needed.

  5. Kevin Terst says:

    Although Bader was attacked consistently by your online publication supporting Kyrillos, he was very supportive to help Kyrillos in the general election. The state legislature doesn’t enforce illegal immigration, but not sure why you wouldn’t share his stances correctly for his state run.

  6. Mr. Mundelbaum says:

    Interesting. Will the insurgents run on the same line as movement conservative and GOP candidate for Governor Seth Grossman? And who’s the “Hudson County Democrat operative”, Rick Shaftan? He has a history of working with Democrats in Hudson County, he’s also tight with Steve Lonegan and supports Seth Grossman.

  7. SWD says:

    I doubt Shaftan is working for Planet Bader because he’s way too nuts and Lonegan is not supporting Grossman. Don’t you read Politicker?

  8. Tea Party Jane says:

    Mr Mundelbaum to equate Bader Quack Quack a middle aged policy wonk with a pony tail to Seth Grossman who paid his dues and comes off as an honest guy is a disgrace.

    Why are we wasting so much time on Bader Quack Quack will is less than a threat than Michael Cino was to Garrett in 2006

  9. anonymous451 says:

    Bader lied to everyone about the support he had and told everyone he had what he needed to be nominated. Then the truth came out that he had done nothing. He is all talk and such a weasel that one day he will disappear up his own backside.

  10. truther says:

    I remember that guy. I don’t think there is a bigger festered ass than Bader Qarmount.

  11. Peter Kessler says:

    Sussex County Democrats could hold their meetings in a phone booth.

    I don’t see that trend continuing. I’m afraid the cancer has metastasized, and will infect our little part of the world in short order.