Another Assault On Childhood

bull1Today it was reported that the State of New York’s Department of Health has decided that games like Kickball, Wiffle Ball, Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, Steal the Bacon and Freeze Tag present a “significant risk of injury” that they must now be regulated at day camps.  My question for these bureaucrats is very simple, “are you all out of your minds”?

At one time in this country children could be children.  They were not only allowed to go out and play, they were told by their parents to “go out and get some fresh air”.  Children in a neighborhood would play from the time the sun came up till well after it went down on a warm summer day.  Games were played that they would make up on the spot and create rules as they went along, all the while having fun.  Yes, there were bumps and bruises, but nothing that could not cured with a band-aid and having mom kiss the boo-boo. 

Today though it seems that everything children want to do have to be controlled by a bunch of liberal bureaucrats who believe that fun is a four letter word.  Want to play skip rope?  You better make sure that you do it on an OSHA approved closed-cell foam pad that conforms to “Moron Requirement 13. 35. 67.95 of the uniformed don’t have any fun code”.  Planning on using that pogo stick?  You have to make sure that you have a Department of Federal Stupid Regulations approved Pogo Stick helmet, Pogo Stick elbow pads, Pogo Stick knee pads, Pogo Stick steel toed sneakers, Pogo Stick Kevlar gloves and that your parent’s homeowner insurance policy has the required Pogo Stick endorsement to cover any and all injuries that might result from a catastrophic Pogo Stick accident.  But remember, no matter what, have fun!

The President’s wife is running around the country telling the American Public that the nation’s children are plain old fat.  Well Michelle, the reason is simple; the government does not want them to have fun!  If they were allowed to run around, jump up and down, do cartwheels and just plain act like children they would burn up that extra fat and have a good time doing it!  Instead though, the government runs a fear campaign to convince parents that everything that a child does or comes in contact with will cause them permanent harm.

Since I started this post, it has just been announced that the State of New York is going to ease off on these latest regulations that they had proposed regarding children’s games.  But, that does not make a difference as far as I am concerned.  We have to stop these people before they even think of crap like this.

Only a few months ago we had the nut-job Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker (D-Essex) who wanted to require every bicycle to have a license plate in New Jersey.  Of course this would have come with a little extra; a $10 registration fee per bicycle.  It was only a huge public outcry that got her to retreat on this piece of stupidity.

Right now in Chicago a parent cannot send their child to school with a homemade lunch!  A Chicago principle had this to say about it; “Nutrition wise, it is better for the children to eat at the school,” said Principal Elsa CarmonaÂ.  Again, another overpaid, underworked government lackey telling parents that big government knows best. 

Why do we tolerate this assault on our children?   Why do we tolerate this attack on our rights as parents?  Who knows what is best for your child; you or the government?  When are we going to stop accepting this intrusion by government into our lives?  When are we just going to tell the government that we are taking our bat and ball and going home?

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  1. Mike Proto says:

    Rich, you may be right about government bureaucrats run amok, but let’s not foget that our overly litigious society has a lot to do with this, if not more.

    People and lawyers will find just about anything to sue over to try to make a buck. That leads to a lot of CYA-type BS like this.

  2. Frank Fiamingo says:

    Rich, I understand that there is legislation being considered to require that only natural materials be used in the manufacture of pillows used for “pillow fighting” at slumber parties. Apparently there is a concern that the synthetic materials used in the manufacture of certain pillows can cause a peculiar form of brain damage that results in affected individuals growing up to become liberal politicians. In certain extreme cases, this condition can even result in a career with the main stream media.!!!

  3. Brennan says:

    Lawyer’s should not be allowed to hold public office period.How about banning the culture of putting a ***** in a ****** ?

    Brennan, I don’t think we have to use that type of discription here.

  4. Ed Mazlish says:

    This is a perfect example of how government handouts enslave - and not just by the so-called culture of dependency. When the government pays all of our bills, it then can plausibly tell us that we do not have the “right” to make mistakes, because “society” (i.e., the government) is paying for the cost of those mistakes.

    You cannot separate out this kind of foolishness from the rest of the welfare state. The welfare state and the nanny state go hand in hand, and are mutually reinforcing. If you want to get rid of the nanny state, you must also get rid of the welfare state.

  5. Brennan says:

    Thanks for the Edit. When are we going to describe perversion for what it is ? while we slouch down the road to a pansy third world banana Republic, with a president that has more in common with his kin folk in Kenya; than anyone south of the Mason Dixon Line.

  6. Curt says:


    “When are we going to describe perversion for what it is?”

    We could start right now. What kind of perversion are you referring to?

  7. Brennan says:


    The social and moral and political glorification and promotion by the establishment , the media, the courts,politicians and our educators of the culture of male anal sodomy under the camoflague of alternative lifstyles.

  8. Curt says:


    Exactly how is it promoted? You’re either gay or you aren’t.

  9. Brennan says:

    exactly how it is promoted uh have you been living in a cave ?

  10. Curt says:

    No, I live in New Jersey.

    Brennan, you seem a little too over the top. Any chance you are a liberal troll who goes on Conservative sites to try and make Republicans look like homophobic bigots?

  11. Brennan says:

    yea right I wrote Heather has two mommies and told the NJEA to use them in our school

  12. Curt says:

    Hate to break it to you buddy but there are same sex couples in New Jersey raising kids, whether you like it or not. Maybe if you stopped crying about them and got to know some of them you’d see that they aren’t doing such a bad job.

  13. Brennan says:

    Curt maybe if you followed to good book and took your head out of the gutter. NJ might be a better place

  14. Tea Party Jane says:

    I can remember when we were growing up Men did not get state issued certificates nor did the state Assembly create a new right for Men inserting their private parts into other mens ventilation ducts