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quill-pen-and-inkEvery Sunday we excerpt from and link to one of the very best articles previously posted here at Conservative New Jersey. This week we feature a reposting of “NJ Democrats Tell NJ Citizens To Eat Cake”  by CNJ Editor Rob Eichmann.

Here is an excerpt from NJ Democrats Tell NJ Citizens To Eat Cake:

As the new legislative session began in Trenton last week, New Jersey’s Democrats took a page out of Marie Antoinette’s playbook.  While she never actually uttered the phrase “Let Them Eat Cake” thus showing her callousness to those she and her husband (King Louis XVI) governed, the New Jersey Democrat party certainly has, in a rather large way, told New Jersey citizens to just eat cake.

With unemployment hovering around 9%, with the highest tax burden in the nation foisted upon New Jersey residents, with the highest property taxes in the country, with residents fleeing our state as fast as they can, with a regulatory environment that discourages business development and growth, with our residents struggling to make ends meet, with a populace largely left unable to defend themselves from criminals, New Jersey Democrats have dug their heels in and declared their most important legislative agenda item an issue that will do absolutely nothing to alter any of the above!  Click to read more.

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