All Time Best of Conservative New Jersey

quill-pen-and-inkEvery Sunday we excerpt from and link to one of the very best articles previously posted here at Conservative New Jersey. This week we feature a reposting of “Where is the Outrage” by CNJ Editor Rob Eichmann.

Here is an excerpt from  Where is the Outrage

Let’s quickly recap.  New Jersey Democrats want to make same-sex marriage their single most important legislative agenda item in this session.  Our unemployment rate continues to hover around 9%.   New Jersey citizens have a tax burden that is at or near the top in the country.  Our property taxes are the highest in the nation.  The regulatory environment for businesses is among the worst in the country.

New Jersey Democrats focused their campaign last fall leading into the November elections on correcting these problems.  Barely two months later, their single most important legislative agenda item is same sex marriage? Really?  Click here to continue reading.

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