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quill-pen-and-inkEvery Sunday we excerpt from and link to one of the very best articles previously posted here at Conservative New Jersey. This week we feature a reposting of “Book Review: Chicks With Guns” by CNJ contributor Shari Spivack.

Here is an excerpt from  Book Review: Chicks With Guns

When I first came upon the opportunity to preorder the book Chicks with Guns by Lindsay McCrum, which was released this month, I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect.  I am always beyond excitement to see a book that portrays women gun owners in a positive way and gives me information about my fellow female gun enthusiasts across the country.  Do not be fooled by the playful title of this coffee table book however, it contains portraits of 78 women gun owners from around the country.  The women portrayed are as diverse as the guns they favor.  The range of ages presented runs from the very young to women who have enjoyed decades of shooting - each with deep connections to gun ownership that began as early as the cradle and as late as mid-life.  Click here to continue reading.

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