A question for Senator Tom Kean

tom-kean-jrEarlier today, Senate Republican Minority Leader Tom Kean Jr. made the following statement to PolitickerNJ:

“Governor Chris Christie has done exactly what he was elected to do, end government as usual at the State House and put our state back on the path to fiscal strength and economic prosperity for all… He is a strong leader for a state that for too long suffered under governors without the vision or discipline to create lasting economic opportunity for all New Jerseyans. He has by any measure earned another term.

“From pension and benefits reform to property tax relief to ethics reform, Chris Christie has been a champion for common sense solutions to New Jersey’s persistent challenges… The sixteen members of the Senate Republican Caucus look forward to continue the fight for a more affordable New Jersey through next year’s campaign and for another four years.”

While I agree with much of what the Senator had to say regarding Governor Christie and support his and Senator Mike Doherty’s endorsement of the Governor’s reelection (for the record, I am a member of Republican State Committee, which voted unanimously to endorse the Governor’s reelection on Wednesday evening), I do have a question for Senator Kean regarding his statement on property tax relief.

Could the Senator please detail for the conservative readers of CNJ what property tax relief has gone to each of the state’s municipalities? He can break it down by county if that is easier. He can also detail his plans to deliver property tax relief in the future and how he hopes to achieve it.

CNJ will be happy to print Senator Kean’s response in full.

Please be in touch.

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  1. Jose Hernandez says:

    THK, Jr. is just being a good troop. What is supposed to say? The truth? He can’t. It is part of the game.

  2. Donny Dee says:

    Tom Kean is an outstanding leader and a solid, mainstream conservative who in 2014 we will all be addressing as “Senate President”.

    I agree with his assesment of the 2013 campaign, and I look forward wholeheartedly to his leadership in the Senate in keeping New Jersey on the right track to economic growth and prosperity.

  3. truther says:

    What is a “mainstream” conservative? Is that code for “moderate”? Is the conservative mainstream pro-life or pro-abortion?

    How will Kean capture the Senate if the same prohibiton exists as in 2011 on running viable candidates in Norcross territory?

    Maybe you can answer Eichmann’s question about property tax relief? Wouldn’t lower property taxes put New Jersey on the “right track to economic growth and prosperity”?

    I believe our highest in the nation property taxes are at the top of voters’ concerns, don’t you? If we embrace Mike Doherty’s fair school funding plan we can make progress.

    Stop trying to make the 2013 campaign into a leader cult and try making it about issues.

  4. Rob Eichmann says:


    If Tom Kean Jr. can’t say or speak the truth, that is a problem that the Republican State Committee needs to address among ourselves.


    No one disputes that Tom Kean, Jr. may be an outstanding leader. I too, like the commenter above, question what a “mainstream” conservative is? What exactly do you think his assessment of the 2013 campaign is?

    Where is the economic growth and prosperity that you speak of? I know it exists in North Dakota, but that, like any growth or prosperity in New Jersey, is far away.

    Where are our lower property taxes?

    @truther is right, issues need to be discussed, not personalities.

    Issues are where we, as conservatives, should excel. Tom Kean, Jr. has a chance to lead us in that direction. I hope he will.

    I hope he will take me up on CNJ’s offer to respond to the questions posed.

  5. Wolfie says:

    Senator Kean has the wholesome good looks of a young United States Senator.

    He has the look, a great name, and can raise the money. All Kean needs is a philosophy of government that he understands, is comfortable with, and can articulate from his heart. If that happens to have enough in it that conservatives can live with, we will be a great grassroots asset to him in 2014.

    All this remains to be seen but many place their hopes on him.

  6. Donny Dee says:

    Mainstream conservatives, like 99% of the electorate, don’t obsess about abortion and homosexuality. They don’t make or associate themselves with idiotic comments and observations about rape. And they don’t inordinately preoccupy themselves with nonsense about a 19 year old kid with socialist beliefs spending some time in conversation with tea party members.

    Of course, I’m sure that 19 year old kid appreciates all the free publicity and media promotion he got courtesy of CNJ. Without CNJs conscientious reporting, I doubt that anyone outside the offending tea party group would know who he is and what he stands for. In fact, I’m sure the Socialist Party itself benefited from all the free publicity they got from CNJ, which they would not have gotten otherwise.

  7. Jimmy says:

    You call yourself a mainstream conservative? Do mainstream conservatives need escorts every time a young secretary goes to his office?

    Do you want to talk abortion Donny? Do you want to talk abortion Donny?

    Let’s not forget the way Donny flipped on guns. He used us for our votes and then when he ran for governor he cut a deal with Ceasefire and pushed gun control bills. Does anybody who supports the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment believe that New Jersey has the same laws on guns as the rest of America?

    Our our cities or anywhere safer because of our anti-gun laws or do we have the most dangerous cities in America?

    Don’t lecture us Donny you womanizing pos. You are not a mainstream anything. You are a corrupt scumbag politician who rips off old ladies for their inheritance. Remember that too, scumbag.

  8. truther says:

    Looks like Donny pissed off somebody. If you are him, and not just some administration hack paid to post either to cause trouble for the conservative movement or to worship the “glorious leader of the Fatterland”, you should know that we all remember your obsession.

    Mainstream conservatives, like 99% of the electorate, don’t obsess about abortion and homosexuality.

    Care to provide us with polling data on that? For Republican primary voters?

    We all know why you trot out such nonsense. The administration recently started to support the abortion provider Planned Parenthood with tax money and the Governor seems obsessed with politically correctness when it comes to appointing Supreme Court justices.

    But really? Are these popular positions with Republican primary voters? Maybe the Governor can brush aside the questions because, for the moment, he is personally quite popular. But can the other Republicans on the ballot in 2013?

    Can the Governor in 2016? Rudy thought so.

    they don’t inordinately preoccupy themselves with nonsense about a 19 year old kid with socialist beliefs spending some time in conversation with tea party members.

    That is funny coming from an administration that “inordinately” occupies itself with the private lives of its employees. Funny coming from people who routinely monitor the speech of those who they employ.

    The fact remains that while the New Jersey Republican Party was getting beat in county and local races all over New Jersey a young Socialist Party candidate, campaigning as a Socialist Party member on Socialist principles, was being elected in the Republican stronghold of Monmouth County.

    I would want to downplay that too if I were you.

    While New Jersey Republicans were losing dozens of seats, New Jersey Socialists were making their first electoral inroad. That just goes to show you that having a platform of principles, even Socialist principles, is better than having no platform at all.

    The Bayshore Tea Party Group made a mistake by providing a platform for an attractive Socialist candidate (a candidate, whatever his age). Having him speak before a taxpayer group associated with suburban, conservative ideas, associated with the Red, White and Blue, conferred a certain respectability on this Socialist candidate. His ideas were, if not mainstream, no longer beyond consideration.

    Pat Noble was smart enough to recognize his windfall and he promoted it. He publicized his appearance both before and after the event.

    CNJ attacked Bayshore for hosting Noble and it attacked the Socialist movement in general. That is the very opposite of promotion as anyone who is remotely involved in politics knows.

    I understand that CNJ is read by conservative activists throughout New Jersey and opinion makers/journalists around the country. It is not a well-read blog in Red Bank and its audience is not Red Bank voters. That is where this Socialist won.

    If you think otherwise, do a poll of the voters who participated in the election of this Socialist candidate and ask them if they are aware of CNJ and if they were swayed to vote for Pat Noble in November 2012 because of CNJ’s coverage of him in the spring of 2011. Do it and see for yourself how silly your argument is.

    Pat Noble did not use CNJ’s attacks on him or his movement to promote his candidacy. He did use the “respectability” conferred on him by his appearance before the Tea Party and other groups.

    Bayshore is not responsible for Pat Noble’s win. They made a mistake and he effectively used that mistake to promote his candidacy. He ran a good campaign and he deserved to win. In winning he defeated less organized and less principled parties, like the Republican Party of New Jersey.

  9. Snortworthy says:

    Tom Kean, Jr. needs to be replaced as Majority Leader with Mike Doherty, the only real conservative in the state Senate. TKJ is part of the problem, not the solution.

  10. Julia says:

    How many women were abused or molested while working for the legislature the last time Republicans were in charge?

    How much taxpayer money was spent on payouts as hush money or to settle sexual abuse lawsuits?

    CNJ should get all the details and report on it.

  11. J.B. says:

    Donny Dee’s focus on abortion is the typical Republican male prescription for what he thinks will gain him favor with women. Telling women that you support their right to choose is no substitute for listening to them.

    Studies show that nearly half of pregnancies among American women are unintended, but only about four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion. That means that 60% of women who have unplanned pregnancies choose to have their children.

    Republican males like Donny Dee are serial abusers who look on women as objects. They treat women as decorative playthings or servants who can be kept quiet by feeding them clichés.

    Look at how the Lt. Governor is used as a handsome blonde decoration without a voice or opinion. She was told to be pro-choice to balance the ticket for the general election. Was that even her opinion? I don’t believe it was.

    Is she permitted to voice an opinion that isn’t first vetted by the Governor’s people? No. She is a fine woman with a fine mind and a stronger prosecutorial record than the Governor (he was mainly an administrator) but she has been reduced to doll like status by the serial abusers of the Republican Party.