A “Cringe” Worthy 2 1/2 Minutes From Gov. Christie

christie-pointingOur friends at the Patriot Action Network have put up a great post to end the week with.  They take Governor Christie to task for his very poor performance yesterday when discussing why it is ok for the “political class” to have their children protected by armed guards but you don’t need that same protection for yourself or your family.

They go even farther than Rubashov’s post earlier today here on CNJ.  Well worth taking a look at.

The Governor wants to talk about “cringing,” well this 2 1/2 minutes will make all conservatives cringe.

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  1. firedup says:

    Sometimes Christie should just shut up

  2. Donny Dee says:

    Why is this “cringe” worthy? What would be “cringe” worthy is Chris Christie below 50% approval in the polls and losing to the likes of Barbara Buono. Instead hs approval is near 80% and he has a three-to-one lead over every Democratic contender.

    Conservatives are excited about Chris Christie’s popularity because it means a Republican Legislature next year.

  3. truther says:

    “Donny Dee is excited about Chris Christie’s popularity because it means a bonus next year.”

    Still sucking after all those years.