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quill-pen-and-inkEvery Sunday we excerpt from and link to one of the very best articles previously posted here at Conservative New Jersey. This week we feature a reposting of “Obama’s Inadvertant Admission” by CNJ co-founder Ed Mazlish.

Here is an excerpt from Obama’s Inadvertant Admission:”

Democrats opposed President Bush’s timid and appeasing plan to privatize a mere tiny sliver of Social Security by allowing workers to deposit a portion of their FICA taxes into a private account in their own name. In this link, then candidate Barack Obama attacked John McCain for having supported Bush’s partial privatization plan, because it would ” would threaten [the receipt of] government retirement benefits.” Similarly, liberal think tanks like this one argued that privatizing any portion of Social Security was “too risky” and a form of “gambling.”

But for all the talk of the benefits of government guarantees, President Obama has now made clear what should have been clear long ago. There is no Social Security Trust Fund. There are no hard assets the federal government is holding that could pay Social Security benefits. There is no guarantee of anything from the government.  Click here to continue reading.

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  1. truther says:

    Egypt’s new Sharia-based constitution has been approved in a second round of voting, the ruling Muslim Brotherhood party said. The country’s opposition leveled accusations of fraud, saying it will appeal the referendum results.

    The new charter was approved by 64 percent of Egyptian voters in a “resounding victory,” state news agency al-Ahram reported on Sunday. The preliminary tallies were calculated from reports by polling station officials. Egypt’s election committee will confirm the final results on Monday.

    Egypt’s main opposition party the National Salvation Front (NSF) announced Sunday it will appeal the results of the referendum. NSF members alleged there were multiple instances of “fraud and violations” during the voting process.

    Great job Obama-Clinton. Now Egypt is as radical as Iran. Brilliant!

    Thanks to Obama’s Christie-Sandy reelection team we have another four more years of this.