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quill-pen-and-inkEvery Sunday we excerpt from and link to one of the very best articles previously posted here at Conservative New Jersey. This week we feature a reposting of “Is It Time For Webber To Go?” by CNJ Editor Rob Eichmann.  A question to ask as you read this:  Has anything really changed?

Here is an excerpt from Is it time for Webber to go?:

It has been a year and half since a motion was made for the NJGOP to join the other 49 state committees and support the 2008 RNC platform that was written with the help of the Atlantic County GOP Chairman Keith Davis (currently “Chair of Chairs”), and Assemblywoman Alison McHose. The platform was then unanimously adopted on the convention floor with the enthusiastic support of the entire New Jersey delegation. Assemblywoman McHose and Chairman Webber have both publicly stated that they support the platform, while Keith Davis has never publicly stated his support, one must assume that since he helped write it and voted for it, that he does support it.  Click here to read the entire post.

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