Bad Neighbor Bader And The Case Of The Late Tax Payments


Bader Qarmout campaign blogger and Jacobin Clown Extraordinaire - whose cannibalistic attacks on conservative individuals and groups who do not comport themselves to his twisted vision of “true” conservatism - is at it again. This time, the object of the former Manly Rash’s (his maiden name) latest Alinskyite assault is the Town of Newton, in bucolic Sussex County.

It should be noted at the time of this writing that the Qarmout campaign blogger has yet to actually converse directly with anyone at the municipal building by phone. Any political blogger with integrity instinctively picks up the phone and discusses matters of concern with the source. It’s the first rule of responsible journalism - but not for Qarmout’s campaign blogger.

The Case of the Late Tax Payments

Most folks - especially taxpaying homeowners - understand that a great many people, usually business persons and property owners, are often faced with onerous tax burdens that can become overwhelming in times of economic recession. In some cases, the sum of the taxes owed can exceed the income stream from which the tax revenue is derived - an occupational hazard for real estate investors - especially those who own commercial or residential properties that are rented or leased.

In such a case, responsible people divest of some of their assets to pay their property taxes.

They recognize that when you own property you can’t pay the taxes on, it probably means that you can’t afford that property. It means that you should scale back your holdings to fit your means. That’s what responsible people - some call them conservatives - do.

Good citizens, good neighbors, understand that when they don’t pay their property taxes, their fellow citizens and neighbors have to make up for the shortfall. Property taxes go up for everyone, because of scofflaws like Bader Qarmout.

Irresponsible people use money that could have gone to paying property taxes to purchase more toys - like a beachfront property in Hawaii or the liquor license for a fancy restaurant.

How many of Bader Qarmout’s neighbors in the Town of Newton own vacation property in Hawaii? How many of those neighbors pay their property taxes on time, year after year?

The answer to the first question is none. The answer to the second is 97 percent.

There are actually real estate investors who use non-payment of property taxes as a business tactic to keep as much of their money working for them for as long as possible.

Year after year these real estate investors refuse to pay their property taxes until the last minute, leaving their solid citizen neighbors to pick-up the tab for the services they avail themselves of. Of course, as owners of multiple properties - including rental units, commercial buildings, and bars - these investors use a lot more of those services than do the hardworking, taxpaying, single-family homeowner. In short, these “investors” have come up with a kind of corporate welfare scheme that allows them to hold their money for as long as possible - while someone else picks up the tab.

Is Bader Qarmout one of them? I’ll have more on that later. Suffice to say that the non-payment of property taxes the Qarmout campaign’s idiot blogger is trying to make excuses for happened when property values were still very healthy.

Crooks, scofflaws, scam artists and others who masquerade as “business people” (or military officers, as the case may be) cannot or will not understand the concept of being a responsible citizen and a good neighbor. They immediately decry any attempt to criticize their delinquency in the payment of property taxes as “unfair” to them. Selfish and self-centered, they believe it is the duty of others to pay their way, while they amass more toys, more vacation properties, and so on. It’s the same line that welfare cheats use.

Apparently, their number also includes Bader Qarmout’s campaign blogger, a self-professed “conservative” and sometime military impersonator, who has penned a great many defamatory screeds attacking conservatives like Congressman Ron Paul, former Governor Sarah Palin, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, former conservative candidate for Governor Steve Lonegan, State Senator Mike Doherty, and anyone else who happens to disagree with his sociopathic view of the world - in precisely the same language and tone Movement Conservatives have come to expect from the likes of radical Leftists.

A good idea of how he views himself is captured on this video which he himself produced and distributed.

Don’t believe me? Click on the link and read conservative columnist Paul Mulshine’s article for yourself. (Unlike the Jacobins over at Qarmout HQ, I have no problem linking to this because I WANT you read the lunacy that is the Qarmout campaign).

We all know guys like Bader Qarmout. They talk big, tell everybody what good people they are, and boss others about what to do.

Bader Qarmout’s blogger has no way of knowing how his candidate’s neighbors in Newton feel about Qarmout not paying his property taxes on his many properties while they struggle to pay their taxes on their single home, because he has yet to actually spend some time in conversation with them.

Qarmout wants to be a politician. He wants us to elect him so that he can make the rules for us. But like we found out when he started posting his campaign signs on public property - months before he is allowed to do so - Bader Qarmout thinks the rules are for someone else.

Qarmout’s campaign blogger tries a classic tactic that comes straight out of the Leftist radical playbook: Take a point of law that has wide support among the residents of a community and say that it doesn’t matter. Hey, don’t we all want to see MORE campaign signs trashing up our public land? Next Qarmout will want to hang them on trees and, in defense of this, you can be sure that his campaign blogger will decry an “ongoing campaign of defamation”.

It’s not just his campaign signs. As this public notice makes clear, (scroll down and see the highlighted portion) Bader Qarmout thinks the rules are for people like us - but not him.

And while candidate Qarmout owed tens of thousands in back property taxes, he owned a bar and a luxury beach condo in Hawaii.

Bader Qarmout’s campaign blogger never bothered to contact the municipality either by phone or by e-mail before concluding that the good taxpaying citizens of Newton were wrong for wanting Qarmout to pay his property taxes on time. In a strange interlude, Qarmout’s campaign blogger apparently loses his place, and weirdly describes his candidate as a “selfish, self-centered, elitist out to screw fellow taxpayers while he pocketed profits from a local gin joint and enjoyed luxury vacations in a Hawaii beach condo.”

Wow, well he obviously has spent some time with Bader Qarmout.

Never mind the history of tax delinquency or the fact that Qarmout is a serial scofflaw. Never mind the “luxury condo” in Hawaii. None of this matters to Qarmout’s campaign blogger, who appears to be a keen student of Saul Alinsky and rather partial to Rule #12 of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

No, I’m not talking about Qarmout’s campaign blogger’s depiction of the President of the United States as a ghetto pimp or his ideological mentor’s reference to the First Lady of the United States as a chimpanzee.

I’m talking about his attacks on Congressman Ron Paul (”a lunatic who belongs in a straight jacket”), Senate Mike Doherty (”a West Point weasel) and the attacks on the wife of Steve Lonegan that I won’t even repeat here. All of this done by Bader Qarmout’s campaign blogger.

First let’s deal with the delinquency itself. Qarmout’s properties are mixed commercial and residential units. It is very rare to find a delinquent property make it into a newspaper notice. A call to the Newton municipal building confirmed that 97% of Newton’s property taxpayers pay their property taxes in a timely manner. That makes Bader Qarmout a 3%.

Now some of these 3 percenters do have legitimate problems. Those are the ones who don’t have the money to buy vacation property in Hawaii.

Bader Qarmout’s campaign blogger, attempts to justify Bader Qarmout’s serial scofflaw behavior by arguing that “ultimately, the interest paid compensates for the loss of revenue during the delinquent period. Neither the township nor the state consider this type of tax delinquency to be remotely serious.” Care to furnish any data to back that up?

As EVERYONE in municipal and county government knows, it is VERY serious. It causes revenue shortfalls that have to be made up for in higher property taxes or debt. In fact, it is so serious that the municipal government is empowered to seize the miscreant’s property and sell it to get the money owed.

Of course, freeloaders like Marxists, Democrats, the Occupy Wall Street crowd, welfare cheats, scam artists, serial imposters - and Bader Qarmout’s campaign blogger - are not irritated by this kind of irresponsible behavior. They actually defend it, like they did when Barack Obama’s Treasury Secretary didn’t pay his taxes.

Here’s the issue: Bader Qarmout owns multiple investment properties, both commercial and residential, he owns a bar, has the money for a liquor license and owns vacation property in Hawaii. On top of that, Bader Qarmout is paid by and collects a salary and benefits from the taxpayers of Morris County. And yet he won’t pay his property taxes like people who have far less than him. The way 97% of his neighbors do.

In response to this common sense conservatism, Bader Qarmout’s campaign blogger lifts lines right out of the Daily Kos, sounding just like Markos Moulitsas. Conservatives everywhere wonder how and why candidate Bader Qarmout tolerates this Leftist jackass. Oh yes…now I remember: he furthers the RINO cause by attacking and cannibalizing conservatives like Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Steve Lonegan, and Mike Doherty.

First the lie…

When Bader Qarmout announced his campaign for the United States Senate, he told everyone that he was a college professor. As Qarmout’s campaign blogger now makes perfectly clear, Qarmout lied. This morning the Qarmout campaign, through its blogger, set the record straight.

It turns out that Bader Qarmout’s claim to being a college professor is about as thin as his bloggers claim to being a military officer. Qarmout’s campaign wrote:

“For teaching one class over the course of a four month semester, Bader Qarmout receives roughly $3,000 - roughly $187 per week - before taxes. There is no provision for health insurance and Qarmout pays into his own retirement fund.”

Like we thought. A fake.

Then, like true limousine liberals, Bader Qarmout and his campaign blogger try to justify his not paying his property taxes while owning vacation property in Hawaii:

“Here are the facts: the condo is actually an apartment located in a multiple unit dwelling across the street from the beach in Lawai on the island of Kauai. Qarmout and his wife Jennifer purchased a time share interest in the unit for $4,500 - plus a $700 annual maintenance fee - shortly after they wed in 1998. The roughly 900 square foot ‘luxury’ apartment consists of an eat-in kitchen, living room, a single bedroom and a single bathroom similar to ordinary apartments stateside.”

$4,500 in 1998? What’s it worth now?

Hey Bader, if you want us here at CNJ to take it off your hands for $4,500 - give us a call - otherwise stop crying like some schmuck. You have more than most taxpayers have. Pay your property taxes on time.

Feeling any better about Bader Qarmout? Still think he’s a conservative?

Even Bader’s own campaign blogger is beginning to agree that while Bader Qarmout is many things (most of which cannot be mentioned in polite company), a rock-ribbed Reagan Conservative isn’t one of them.

*This post paraphrases from a blog written by the Qarmout campaign’s blogger

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  1. The Donald says:

    I remember from his press coverage. He used “Morris County College sociology professor Bader Qarmout”.

    A $187 a week professor? Not!

  2. sunshine says:


    The Donald says:
    April 5, 2012 at 3:23 PM
    I remember from his press coverage. He used “Morris County College sociology professor Bader Qarmout”.

    A $187 a week professor? Not!

    sunshine says:
    April 5, 2012 at 4:42 PM
    Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
    You said:
    “Even Bader’s own campaign blogger is beginning to agree that while Bader Qarmout is many things (most of which cannot be mentioned in polite company), a rock-ribbed Reagan Conservative isn’t one of them.”

  3. The Donald says:

    Yes Sunshine, Bader Qarmout is certainly a Liar.

    Yes, make that a Liar Liar.

    As for his “pants being on fire”, I’ll leave that judgment to those who are closer to him than I have the inclination to be.

    Frankly, he looks a little wet to me.

  4. Chaz says:

    Kyrillos took donations from operation bid rig Solomon Dwek, and did realestate deals with his monmouth county friend.

  5. Roland Hosey says:

    Since he wasn’t charged with any wrong doing, (not all of Dwek’s deals were criminal), I think it is safe to say Kyrillos probably did nothing wrong.

    Contrast that with Bader lying to the Attorney General’s office, on multiple occassions, among his may other legal problems, and I’m not sure what your point is.

    You are starting to sound like Qarmout’s campaign blogger when he says “since Larsen fell behind on his property taxes, it’s ok that Bader didn’t pay his.”

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

  6. javagold says:

    $4500 for a timeshare …..only idiots buy timeshares

    and only bigger idiots offer to to take the liabilty off his hands for $4500 !!!

  7. sunshine says:

    To filter names by Department, click here

    Name Bader Qarmout
    Title Adjunct Professor
    Phone 973-328-****
    Office C-300, Sociology and Anthropology Dept.
    Office Hours adjunct

  8. Wolfie says:

    I think you will find that $4,500 would be a pretty good buy for Hawaii, near the beach.

  9. Wolfie says:

    Check it out,,,

    Looks nice to me.

  10. The Donald says:

    Here’s a good definition from wikipedia:

    A Professor is a highly accomplished and recognized academic, and the title may be awarded only after decades of scholarly work.

    In the United States and Canada, however, the title of professor is granted to larger groups of senior teachers in two- and four-year colleges and universities, and used in the titles Assistant Professor and Associate Professor which are not considered Professor-level positions elsewhere.

    At $187 a week he can’t be much of a “professor”. It’s nice that a county community college gives him a title, but it doesn’t mean much. You get what you pay for.

    But I won’t quibble. Bader can call himself a “$187 a week professor” if he wants to. I’ll even go for “Professor Bader Qarmout, at 187 dollars a week”. If he tries to pass himself off as tenured or anything the rest of us think of as a Professor, he will find many people ready to add the $187 to that title.

    Hey, don’t blame us. We got it from Gene Hoyas.

  11. javagold says:

    censoring posts ……..very conservative of you

  12. javagold says:

    sorry, i take that back , i do see my post now….u can delete these 2 posts…..LOL

  13. Murph says:

    Every day there are two posts discussing Bader Qarmout being in trouble with the law for something. One is from Gene Hoyas (Barrett Stover) and the other is from Rob Eichmann at CNJ.

    Gene, is this really helping your candidate? I think everyone knows that he hasn’t paid his property taxes on time for years, they don’t care about his excuses, and if they plan on possibly voting for him it will be because of his stand on issues and not because he has some excuse for doing a bad thing.

  14. Buster Bader says:

    I agree with Murph. Conservatives will vote for Bader because of his stand on the issues, and that he is not part of the RINO machine which runs this state.

    “Since he wasn’t charged with any wrong doing, (not all of Dwek’s deals were criminal), I think it is safe to say Kyrillos probably did nothing wrong.”

    Since no criminal or civil complaints have been filed against Bader Qarmout, I think it is safe to say Bader probably did nothing wrong either.

    Like Dave Larsen, I assume Bader Qarmout is current with his taxes which means he also paid substantial interest and penalties. Whatever debts he owed his neighbors have been paid in full, and I doubt any of them are complaining about him except the ones who support this site.

    Maybe it’s time to stop beating a dead Bader and move on to something else.

  15. Wolfie says:

    Since no criminal or civil complaints have been filed against Bader Qarmout, I think it is safe to say Bader probably did nothing wrong either.

    Not true. There are outstanding legal issues with the ABC at the Attorney General’s office. Go back and read that post. I think a dozen at least. But you knew that, didn’t you?

    Why is an old Menendez shill like you so interested in pushing Bader Qarmout? Is it because he is this year’s version of the Delaware witch?

    If Bader should somehow win (and he won’t) you Social Democrats wouldn’t have to spend a dime on Menendez and you could use that money to hold the Senate in swing states.

    You have an even bigger interest in giving Qarmout a pass on his property taxes and that’s because Menendez was behind on his too. You want to use that “no big deal” argument to support Bobby and then point to Bader and say “Look, he done it too”.

    Conservatives won’t buy it.

  16. Buck Wayne says:

    “You have an even bigger interest in giving Qarmout a pass on his property taxes and that’s because Menendez was behind on his too.”

    He gets a pass because he paid his taxes in full with interest and penalties.

    Someday you may find yourself in a similar cash flow squeeze where you owe back taxes but as long as they do get paid within a reasonable period, along with all the applicable interest and penalties, you should get the same pass. If we disqualified people from running for US Senate because they were late with their tax payments, I dare say half the country may not qualify.

  17. Wolfie says:

    I think that is the exact same argument made by Menendez on behalf of Obama’s Treasury Secretary.

    You really do have your Menendez talking points tonight, shill.

  18. Walter says:

    From the WSJ:

    WASHINGTON — Timothy Geithner didn’t pay Social Security and Medicare taxes for several years while he worked for the International Monetary Fund, and he employed an immigrant housekeeper who briefly lacked proper work papers.

    Those issues, and a series of other tax matters, scuttled a tentatively scheduled confirmation hearing Tuesday for Mr. Geithner as Treasury secretary, Senate Finance Committee aides said. The tax matters were instead the subject of a closed-door meeting between the nominee, currently president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and members of the Senate Finance panel, in whose hands his confirmation lies.

    Sen. Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, the committee’s senior Republican, didn’t give Mr. Geithner a pass. “It’s serious, and whether or not it’s disqualifying is to be determined,” Mr. Grassley said after the meeting.

    Obama aides said they didn’t think these issues would present a problem, given what they characterized as the minor nature of the infractions and the gravity of the role Mr. Geithner has been nominated to take. Mr. Geithner’s “service should not be tarnished by honest mistakes, which, upon learning of them, he quickly addressed,” Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs said in a statement.

    Gibbs sounds just like Hoyas. Buck, are you an Obama aide too?

  19. Buck Wayne says:

    “I think that is the exact same argument made by Menendez on behalf of Obama’s Treasury Secretary.”

    No it is not. Geithner was careless and sloppy. Bader Qarmout, like Dave Larsen, found himself in the same cash flow squeeze that affected millions of honest working people and small businessmen during the recession. When he was able to recover, just like Dave Larsen, he paid his taxes in full with all the appropriate interest and penalties. Do you have evidence that he did not pay any interest or penalties? Please show us, if not it’s time to stop beating a dead Bader and move on to other issues much more important to conservatives, like beating up on Gene Hoyas.

  20. Wolfie says:

    Documents please?

    I think Bader Qarmout’s taxes were due before the economc meltdown.

    Like Bob Menendez, Qarmout owed taxes during the boom and while property values were high.

    These property taxes were not owed on his personal residence. These taxes were all owed on investment properties. Many, many investment properties. Just like Menendez.

    Try again, Menendez shill.

  21. Son-of-David says:

    From on the Issues:

    “Balanced Budget

    After my vote to repeal the Menendez/Obamacare, as your senator, I will work towards a balanced budget amendment. The $15+ trillion debt is one of the greatest threats to our national security and stability. Irrelevant of its causes, (enough blame to go around to both parties) this financial crisis is the single largest issue facing this nation. What politicians need to understand is simply, the nation is broke. When one is broke, one would be foolish to borrow more than they can reasonably payback, to spend on things as if they are not broke at all. More foolish then the borrower is the lender, unless the lender wants to enslave the borrower. We must restore common sense to government.

    Most Americans had to make adjustments in their spending and lifestyle. Washington will not make the tough decisions on what to cut. Our fiscal weakness has emboldened America’s enemies and reduced our prestige and respect around the world. We must rediscover fiscal sanity and discipline to reclaim our rightful place as the greatest nation on earth. Senator Menendez voted against balanced budget bills twice in 2011. We need a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution because under the current administration and the current Senate leadership the US Senate has not passed a budget in over 1000 days. We cannot pay for their incompetence with our children’s future”

  22. Rob Eichmann says:

    With his record of lying to the Attorney General, selling counterfeit cigarettes, and breaking local laws, I don’t believe anything he would write about himself on his own web site.

  23. Wolfie says:

    Why isn’t “son-of-david” posting Bader Qarmout’s position on illegal immigration?

  24. Son-of-David says:

    Read it for yourself:

    ” 71 Filed: 12/3/2004, Entered: 12/3/2004 ORDER DISMISSING CASE as settled, w/out costs & w/out prejudice.. Signed by Judge William G. Bassler on 12/2/04. (DD, )”

    The Cigarettes case was DISMISSED on 12/3/2004

    Why not address the issues rather then make up lies and continue to spread lies. What do you stand to gain?

  25. Rob Eichmann says:

    Dismissed because it was settled, not because he wasn’t selling counterfeit cigarettes, which he was.

    But since you have brought it up yet again, perhaps I will post some of the relevant documents from the case file which clearly show he was selling counterfeit cigarettes from the store.

  26. Son-of-David says:

    You Know that is NOT true, it clearly says ” w/out costs” call your friend Ellman and ask him how was it settled? Get Vett ALL candidates and do it without an agenda, maybe I will have more respect for you and CNJ.

  27. Rob Eichmann says:

    Makes no difference that it was settled with our without costs.

    Doesn’t change that he was selling counterfeit cigarettes out of at least one of his stores.

  28. Rob Eichmann says:

    Son of David,

    It is obvious you are related to Bader, perhaps you are even the relative who had a problem selling drugs in a school zone? Maybe you would like to explain that.

    Getting back to Bader and the counterfeit cigarettes, as I look through the case file, he admitted to selling them. Are you saying that the court file is incorrect and not an accurate record of the proceedings?

  29. Son-of-David says:

    Please post copy of Bader saying he knowingly sold bad cigarettes. If you have copy of file then you know that is not true. What is your agenda? Just tell the truth for once.

    Yes I do know the Qarmout family. I also know his brother who almost 20 years ago (when he was about 18 years old) got in trouble for having marijuana, that brother is now a minister. If GOD forgives and gives second chances, why not you?

  30. Rob Eichmann says:

    Don’t worry it is coming. It’s very funny that you deny that he admitted it. I guess you will believe anything Bader tells you. Quit whining and man up. He did it.

    This has nothing to do with me forgiving anyone. It has everything to do with Bader thinking he is qualified to be my United States Senator. It has everything to do with him trying to fool everyone into thinking he is a conservative. He is a two bit scheister that will break any and all rules that get in his way. He has shown that over a period of years, and in many and varied dealings.

    We already have enough of those types of people in congress. No need to add another one.

  31. Son-of-David says:

    Show-up or shut-up. Make sure it show that Bader knowingly sold bad cigarettes. Do your research, in 2003/2004 NJ and other states had a epidemic of counterfeit Newports. Qarmout’s case was DISMISSED, if anyone knows Kenneth Ellman does, ask him. I know his Ken’s son I can get you his phone number.

  32. Rob Eichmann says:

    I don’t know who or what you think you are.

    I have the case file and I can read. You should go get it, probably contains more family secrets, I just don’t know which are secrets and which aren’t.

  33. Roland Hosey says:

    I want to make sure of all that I have read:

    David Larsen didn’t pay his property taxes so neither did Bader.

    Never mind that Bader owns several properties (residential and commercial) and a vaction property in Hawaii, yet couldn’t pay any of his property taxes in New Jersey.

    Everyone was selling fake cigarettes so Bader sold fake cigarettes too.

    What’s next, “everyone lies to the Attorney General so Bader did too.”

    Conservatives believe in personal responsibility. Bader is a Fraud, simply going by what you have written here.

    You are pathetic.

  34. Son-of-David says:

    Roland Hosey:
    give me your real name so I can pull up everything about you and your relatives. I dare you coward…

  35. Son-of-David says:

    Do not say “but I am not running for office” . Remember You said
    “Conservatives believe in personal responsibility”
    So that must mean your not a conservative…. hypocrite.

  36. Roland Hosey says:

    I can assure you I am more conservative than the idiiot Bader who is running around trying to convince everyone he is a conservative version of Tim Geithner. Good luck with that.

  37. Roland Hosey says:

    This is my real name. What is yours… Bader? Tax Cheat? Liar? Law Breaker? Counterfeiter? Felon?

    Apparently coward will do for now.

  38. Son-of-David says:

    Roland Hosey:
    Lets find out. What is your real name hypocrite. I assume you never been late on any payment? I assume none of your relatives been in trouble with the law when they or you were young, come on lets all find out, what is your real name?
    I open this challenge to any of you hypocrites. The one who comes out of this challenge unscathed, then they can say anything they want, otherwise all YOU HYPOCRITES SHUT UP, talk about the issues not this personal assassination garbage.
    I dare any of you to take me up on my offer. Come on cowards I dare you.
    Mr. Z, the only way to save yourself is to fire eichmann, I promise I will serve OPRA on you and your family members.

  39. Roland Hosey says:

    You talk of real names and cowards, yet hide behind your own phony moniker. Do you really think anyone is going to take you seriously musc less answer your questions?

    You don’t know me or my family. From reading this and other blogs we are all becoming familiar with Bader and his family. As conservatives, we don’t like what we are learning.

    That doesn’t make any of us hypocrites, it makes us diligent and intelligent. We don’t want a tax evading, law breaking, liar who sells fake cigarettes to be our next United States Senator. It’s really pretty straightforward.

  40. Son-of-David says:

    Roland Hosey:
    I would NOT pass either. I am not the one who is making personal attacks and character assassinations. Your are mistaking perfect with conservative.
    I will ask you again,
    1. Prove that Qarmout lied
    2. Prove that Qarmout knowingly sold counterfeit cigarettes
    3. Paying taxes late is NOT tax evading.
    So big guy I will publish a special email address for you to send me your real name. Lets all see if your a hypocrite.

    Eichamn and Mr. Z you do not need to send me anything, I already know what I need to know. The only question is do you wanna fire Eichmann or not? How much is he worth to you?

    You can vett Qarmout all you want Mr. Z, but it must be honest and without an agenda.

  41. Roland Hosey says:

    Let’s be serious, he doesn’t seem to have much character to assassinate.

    Can you read? The answers to all of your questions are in the posts and even the comments. Are you living in some sort of fantasy land?

    I think CNJ is doing a great job exposing this candidate for the fraud he is and thank them for it. No one else is, and he is running around trying to be a “conservative”. He isn’t. No big deal, but why is he trying so hard to be something he so obviously isn’t?

  42. Son-of-David says:

    “Roland Hosey says:
    April 7, 2012 at 7:22 PM
    This is my real name.”

    You lie, that is not your real name. what are you hiding?

    I have no problem with vetting any candidate for any office, including State Committeeman. I only ask that it be based on truth not lies. Eichman knows that Qarmout’s cigarette case was dismissed, but he and now you keep lying, why? Eichmann knows that Qarmout did NOT lie to law enforcement, and eichmann knows that Qarmout’s brother had trouble 20 some years ago. Why make it personal? Why lie about the facts? Why not vett the other candidates? Is Kyrillos a real conservative? who is Rullo and David Brown? Who is vetting them? I am only asking for honesty.

  43. The Donald says:

    What a sh-tbird. This isn’t Palestine sh-tbird. You came on this blog and tried to turn America into some third world country where they have stalkers instead of free speech. I hope they go to the FBI.

    That drug stuff is real personal with you isn’t it?

  44. Son-of-David:

    I will give you some honesty you coward. I will honesty kick your ass since you threatened me. You better hope that you covered your internet tracks since I will have my server company track these comments you have been sending. How much fun it will be to find out that you are a member of Qarmout’s campaign at the least. It will really be a blast if it turns out that you are a relative or better yet, Qarmout himself. I will most likely wearout the Dickhead song if that is true!

  45. Rob Eichmann says:


    What I know is that Bader lied to the Attorney General. The New Jersey Attorney General says so and it is well documented.

    I know that Bader sold counterfeit cigarettes, Bader admitted it.

    There is nothing personal beyond Bader wanting to be my next United States Senator. He is unqualified.

    You and your threats made this evening are just making my point about him being unqualified.

  46. J.B. says:

    This is incredible! Qarmout’s people actually sent stalkers to the other end of the state to take pictures of Eichmann’s family residence and then to use it to try to bully him into silence.

    What is really creepy is the “say goodbye”. Isn’t that what mob hitmen tell those they are about to murder?

    I’ll tell you what this kind of politics reminds me of. No not the middle east (that too). It reminds me of the politics practiced by Bader’s honoree in the dinosaur hall of fame.

    This is for you Bader. It goes out to you and the thugs you sent down to “vet” someone who isn’t even on the ballot this year.

    By the way, professor jackass, in America we don’t vet people by sitting in parked cars outside their homes, watching their family, stalking them.