2013: Reflections on the coming crisis


Republicans are wandering and in crisis, along the way shedding principles the way snakes shed skin. We are about to see bright new scales emerge from the torn remnants of what once encased them, in colors that seek to confuse Democrat voters into believing that a snake is really an ass. Look forward to a brief season of pro-tax increases, pro-gay marriage, pro-illegal immigration “Republicans” who will fall at the first primary. Why? ‘Cause they’re in the wrong party.

The “big lie” tactic is alive and well in New Jersey. All those professional lobbyists, pundits, and just plain hacks have been busy trying to paper-over those exit-polls that show the big part media coverage of Hurricane Sandy played in moving voters to President Barack Obama. This is happening because of the large role played in that coverage by Governor Chris Christie, erstwhile candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 2016. Instead of reading the data, we are asked to meditate on him - our leader - and think of how good it will be when he is, as it should and must be, the leader of us all.

Language is the first victim of the “big lie”. It is important to know what words mean and what they do not. In the case of New Jersey, circa 2010-12, a “tax” is a “tax” only if the leader says it is a “tax”. For instance, this is not a “tax”:


Synopsis: Removes cap on .53 percent hospital total operating revenue assessment and raises cap on ambulatory care facility gross receipts assessment to increase charity care subsidy monies.
Type of Impact: Increase in revenues realized by the State.

0.53 percent Assessment. Available information indicates that removing the $40 million cap would generate approximately $38.7 million in FY 2011 and $51.6 million in subsequent fiscal years. The actual amount realized will depend on the actual operating revenues of each general hospital and each specialty heart hospital. (Source: NJ Office of Legislative Services)

Neither is this a “tax”:


Synopsis: Concerns certain taxes and assessments dedicated to the administrative costs of the DOBI.
Type of Impact: Revenue Increase General Fund.

The Office of Legislative Services (OLS) estimates that this bill will increase total revenue generated through the insurance special purpose assessment by $21 million annually beginning in 2011.

Remember, these are not “taxes”. To suggest otherwise would be to negate one of the central “truths” of the leader’s text: “As Governor, Chris Christie balanced budgets without resorting to tax increases.” That is the text. Memorize it and do not deviate.

Forget Saul Alinsky, he was a wimp compared to Vlad Lenin.

Lenin asked “What is to be done?”

Good question.

First we need an answer. Is the conservative movement a statewide movement in New Jersey or is it a group of issue based and county or region based organizations? If the latter, then the target should be, for now, school boards, local government, and state committee. Start with what each individual group can manage - and make sure you manage it well enough to secure a win. Build on those wins.

That’s not to say that a handful of superior candidates will emerge who can take on larger game. In 2011, Hank Lyons beat an incumbent Freeholder in Morris County and Bill Eames took on the GOP establishment in Morris and Essex Counties and gave them a thorough whipping in the primary for State Senate.

Good hunting.

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