“The See I told you so to the Bergen County Republican County Committee”

head-in-sand-gopDuring the Bergen County Freeholder convention this spring there was a warning letter with cringe factor 10, penned to  county committee about nominating a candidate that would damage the entire ticket. The epistle was penned with a heavy heart, and with the realization that there would be a backlash from the usual go along to get along county committee members. But like a father scolding a child for misbehaving it had to be done.  There were no regrets.

The usual backlash came from predictable sources from the wealthy north Bergen towns like Allendale who’s Republican candidates just needed to show up on election day to get elected.

The unusual backlash came from some conservatives who’s careers are dependent   on the good graces and patronage of the political community.

With that said , we observed  the absence of work ethic, the absence of an absentee ballot program, TV advertising , earned media, personal profile stories etc. The entire summer was filled with planted stories from the Bergen Record highlighting temper tantrums, email hacking, law suits etc that derailed the entire campaign.

We were also shocked to hear that the campaign ignored all internal polls on the issue of the BCPD and that one of the losing candidates actually went back to the old excuse of blaming the GOTV effort. You cant get out the vote if you have nothing to sell to the taxpayers.

Finally we found it ironic that the Chairman of the Bergen Democrats in a recent radio interview pointed out that the Republican Freeholder campaign during the last Presidential election when we were out of power was more successful than this year when we had been in power and a record to defend.

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  1. District 39 victim says:

    You nailed it. I could not believe that both De Nicola and Hermansen were complaining the the Democrat Freeholders elect were allowed to observe the Freeholder meeting last week. Republicans wont win back county Government until Donovan and Marcus are gone. County Committee must tell De Nicola no nomination for you next year.

  2. Republican Brandie says:

    You can add Schroeder and Donovan to this mix. Financial irregularities and Drug and Sex party’s in Rutherford. Plus add Fairlawn Beratta not supporting the Republican team

  3. TeaParty Gal says:

    This election showed that the splinter group Mahawh Tea Party is nothing but a huge fraud. They supported Hermansen. The biggest loser in this election was the MAHWAH TEA PARTY

  4. TeaParty Gal says:

    who were the Conservative In Name Only ( CINOS) cowards who attacked the letter to county committee ?

  5. Mahwah Marty says:

    It’s time to recall Donovan, from federal lawsuits of theft of community development funds, illegal drugs, underage girls, hiring of girlfriends, the lobbyists led American Dream BCIA county bond forthcoming disaster,,, nj and bergen republicans are doomed soon,,,, Christie has to find her something asap